We Love the Spirit of Christmas Commercials/Adverts

Retailers’ Christmas commercials are back with a vengeance and high inventory levels as they try to stir up happy emotions that will translate into profitable sales. After two robust holiday sales, the retail consumer research agencies are predicting a ‘Ho-Hum’ holiday sales growth as consumer focus on necessities as they become squeezed by inflation with high housing, energy, and food costs.

The Federal Research Consumer Credit report that consumers’ credit debt has already reached record highs leaving no room for holiday gifts buying on credit. But the season of giving is only once a year, and people are eager to provide, so many will be searching behind their couch cushions for any loose change. In addition, many will look for red sales signs and rock-bottom prices to help make their dollar go further.

The world is once again facing uncertainty and chaotic times—erratic weather patterns produced by climate change, the fear of a looming recession from increasing interest rates to battle inflation, the bloody war in Ukraine and energy shortages in Europe, COVID-19 cases, and a hateful political landscape— all contributing to the psyche of anxiety and fear. Contrast this again with a holiday season where we want to share our good fortunes, big and small, with those we love.

Are Christmas commercials/adverts going to make a difference? Or will the Grinch steal Christmas this year?

Recent research by Morning Consult says most (70%) Americans enjoy holiday advertising, with many citing the famous Coca-Cola polar bears as most memorable. Millennials and women were the most enthusiastic groups who appreciated holiday ads. The least excited group was the baby boomers.

So here we are on the eve of the 2022 holiday season. Which Christmas commercial will generate the most laughter, giggles, smiles, goosebumps, and joyful tears of peace and happiness? To start the conversation, here are my top holiday brands in no order:

Take a famous holiday movie, actor, or both, and you have a fun, memorable moment.

Aldi | Home Alone

ASDA | Have your Elf a Merry Christmas

MANSCAPED | Season’s Grooming with Pete Davidson

Take a great storyline and an excellent soundtrack; you might need to reach for a tissue.

Amazon | Joy is Made

Disney | THE GIFT

John Lewis & Partners | The Beginner

Michael Hill | Make Someone Happy

The holidays aren’t complete without going down memory lane, especially with someone you care about. So keep the tissues nearby.

Coca-Cola | Real Holiday Magic

Kroger | The Magical Cookbook

I wish you all the magic and beauty the holiday season can bring. Please share your favorite holiday commercial/advert for 2022.

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