Top 2023 Christmas Adverts

‘Twas the season to be merry, though worries linger near,

The economy’s not faltering, but cautious minds persevere.

The earth grows hotter, climate change a stark reality,

Yet amidst the challenges, hope’s flame still burns brightly.

Inflation’s icy grip may strain budgets and make ends meet tight,

But amidst the hardship, compassion shines forth like a guiding light.

While wars rage on, casting shadows far and wide,

But amidst the conflict, peace efforts resolutely stride.

Will Santa’s sleigh bring cheer this year, or will his gift-giving wane?

Brands cling to optimism, their festive campaigns ablaze.

In every ad and jingle, a message is clear and bold,

To stir consumers’ hearts, their stories yet untold.

“Embrace my brand,” they beckon, “love expressed in every hue,”

A message of connection, not just a brand’s wishful view.

Will consumers heed the call, their spirits solid and bright,

Embracing the season’s joy with hope, peace, and love as their light?

‘Tis a tale of hope and resilience, a blend of cheer and grace,

As brands and consumers connect, hand in hand, to embrace.

Together, they stand tall, taking debt to new heights,

With the hope of a “happy season to all, and to all a goodnight!”

Here are the top five most-viewed Christmas/holiday commercials so far this year:

Hobby Lobby | Christmas is what you make it

Apple | Fuzzy Feelings | Music “Isn’t it a Pity” by George Harrison

Chevrolet | A Holiday to Remember | Music “Sunshine on My Shoulder” by John Denver

John Lewis | Snapper: The Perfect Tree | Music “Festa” sung by Andrea Bocelli

Asda | Make this Christmas Incredible | Starring Michael Bublé