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Branding Queens is the first book to celebrate the branding skills of 20 businesswomen

  • A nonfiction book—Branding Queens: Discover branding secrets from twenty incredible women who built global brand dynasties  
  • Branding Queens is 20 incredible stories of 20 entrepreneurial women who built 20 iconic brands
  • Practical branding insights and secrets for all entrepreneurs

Calgary, Canada, May 11, 2022—Launched today, Branding Queens by branding expert Kim D. Rozdeba celebrates the business journeys of twenty entrepreneurial women in building twenty iconic brands. Their life stories are just as big as their brands. These are not insignificant brands—collectively, they represent over $55 billion in sales today.

Against all odds, these women built twenty famous brands loved by millions of customers worldwide. Building a brand is not easy. Building an iconic brand is one in a million. Add the fact that a woman is the creator, and the probability becomes almost impossible. Branding Queens applauds these women, who persevered in a man’s world to create an enduring global brand dynasty still relevant today.

“History hasn’t been kind to women entrepreneurs; even today, they struggle to secure a seat at the boardroom table in a male-dominated business world,” says author and branding expert Kim D. Rozdeba. “Amazingly, many of these women had no formal business education or experience to prepare them for the many challenges along their branding journey. Branding Queens follows their stories and provides practical branding insights and secrets for all entrepreneurs.”

Who are these women? Branding Queens focuses on five cosmetics and beauty brands, four women apparel innovators, three media moguls, three manufacturers—of vacuum cleaners, airplanes, and toys—two bakers, one winemaker, one direct marketer, and a real sovereign. Swedish artist Ida Hay beautifully captures their personalities in twenty inspiring ink portraits to enrich the stories.

As entrepreneurs, most of these women started with nothing but a dream. Eventually, their life stories entwined with their brand’s vision and purpose. They were obsessed with ensuring their customers’ happiness and making their products and services the best in the world. And no surprise, they are.

Getting to the top of their empire wasn’t easy. Yet, the stories that expand over three centuries are enchanting, uplifting, and inspirational. Branding Queens will change how entrepreneurs think about constructing a brand, dealing with adversaries, and visualizing opportunities.

Branding Queens reads like a novel, but it offers practical branding tactics and strategies to build a brand dynasty. To put this all into perspective, Rozdeba provides a strategic framework based on five key branding elements: Commitment, Construct, Community, Content, and Consistency (the 5Cs) for readers to follow and learn. As a result, entrepreneurs will learn unique approaches, insights, and techniques in brand building. 

Branding Queens is available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook at all major book retailers in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other markets.


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Kim Derrick Rozdeba
Author Kim Derrick Rozdeba | Photograph by Nick Iwanyshyn
Author Kim Derrick Rozdeba | Illustration by Ida Hay
@erikrotter.photographer  |  416-836-1894
@erikrotter.photographer  |  416-836-1894

About Kim D. Rozdeba

Kim Derrick Rozdeba is passionate about building strong brands and is an avid blog writer on the topic. One day it occurred to him how little was written about branding from a gender perspective, especially from an entrepreneurial women brand leader. Exploring the idea, he realized this was an untold story of a long list of women he found so inspiring that he decided then and there to make these inspirational women the subject of his first book. When he isn’t investigating what makes some brands iconic and others wither away in time, he works in the corporate world, supporting a global brand as head of communications and public affairs. He resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with his wife, Brenda, and has three adult children.

Sample of Branding Queens Illustrations by Ida Hay

Olive Ann Beech_ Branding Queens
Queen of Aviation – Olive Ann Beech
Queen of Pink – Mary Kay Ash
Barbe Nicole Clicquot
Queen of Champagne – Barbe Nicole Clicquot
Branding Queens Anna Bissell
Queen of Clean – Anna Bissell