Branding Queens: Discover branding secrets from twenty incredible women who built global brand dynasties

Branding Queens is a must-read for any ambitious businessperson, especially any woman who wants to learn from the success of twenty female entrepreneurs who built iconic brands beloved by millions of customers. These self-made women defied the odds and persevered in a male-dominated business world and often de to create enduring brand dynasties based on exceptional quality and services.

Despite facing countless challenges along their enchanted brand journey, these branding queens used their intelligence, intuition, courage, and passion to guide them to success, proving that a formal business education or experience is not always necessary to build a successful brand. From cosmetics mavericks like Coco Chanel and Estée Lauder to women’s apparel innovators like Tory Burch and Sara Blakely, this book profiles the inspiring stories of women who marketed hope, health, dignity, confidence, beauty, empowerment, self-identity, and happiness through their products and services.

Branding expert Kim D. Rozdeba unravels these fascinating stories with a clear perspective on creating a brand in twenty different ways. In addition, you will discover the five branding principles these women used to structure their approach (also known as the 5Cs). These branding essentials will help any entrepreneur develop and grow their own brand.

According to BookLife Reviews by Publisher’s Weekly, Branding Queens delivers “spirited accounts of distinguished businesswomen in vignette-style writing, offering readers professional acumen alongside absorbing stories.” In addition, the review praises the writing for hitting “a perfect inspirational note while managing to remain entertaining at the same time.”

Branding Queens will turbocharge your entrepreneurial spirit, providing insights and techniques to help you build an enduring brand, one customer at a time. Enjoy the riveting adventures of these branding queens and learn from their incredible stories.


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Kim Derrick Rozdeba
Author Kim D. Rozdeba | Photograph by Nick Iwanyshyn
Author Kim D. Rozdeba | Illustration by Ida Hay
Author Kim D. Rozdeba | @erikrotter.photographer  |  416-836-1894
Author Kim D. Rozdeba | @erikrotter.photographer  |  416-836-1894

About Kim D. Rozdeba

Kim Derrick Rozdeba is passionate about building strong brands and is an avid blog writer on the topic. One day it occurred to him how little was written about branding from a gender perspective, especially from an entrepreneurial women brand leader. Exploring the idea, he realized this was an untold story of a long list of women he found so inspiring that he decided then and there to make these inspirational women the subject of his first book. When he isn’t investigating what makes some brands iconic, and others wither away in time, he works in the corporate world, supporting a global brand as head of communications and public affairs. He resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with his wife, Brenda, and has three adult children.

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Olive Ann Beech_ Branding Queens
Queen of Aviation – Olive Ann Beech
Queen of Pink – Mary Kay Ash
Barbe Nicole Clicquot
Queen of Champagne – Barbe Nicole Clicquot
Branding Queens Anna Bissell
Queen of Clean – Anna Bissell