Branding Queens: Discover branding secrets from twenty incredible women who built global brand dynasties

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Award-winning Branding Queens is a collection of stories about twenty women entrepreneurs who, against all odds, built famous brands that millions of customers worldwide loved. Building a brand isn’t easy. Establishing an iconic brand is one in a million. Add the fact of being a woman in an unfortunately still male-dominated business world, and you’d think it was almost impossible. Branding Queens celebrates the branding accomplishments of these self-made women who persevered in a man’s world to create an enduring brand dynasty.

“It’s a brand textbook wrapped in a collection of mini-biographies and highly entertaining.”

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This book profiles the brands and lives of Barbe-Nicole Clicquot of Veuve Clicquot Champagne; Anna Bissell cofounder of BISSELL Carpet Sweeper company; Madam C.J. Walker, Elizabeth Arden, Estée Lauder, Mary Kay Ash, and Anita Roddick ( of The Body Shop), all cosmetics and beauty mavericks; women’s apparel innovators Coco Chanel, Liz Claiborne, Tory Burch, and Sara Blakely; Margaret Rudkin, founder of Pepperidge Farm; Olive Ann Beech cofounder of Beech Aircraft; Ruth Handler, cofounder of Mattel toys; Katharine Graham, owner of The Washington Post; Queen Elizabeth II, Sovereign of fifteen nations; Lillian Vernon, direct-mail maven; media moguls Martha Stewart and Oprah Winfrey; and Debbi Fields, founder of Mrs. Fields cookies. These are the branding queens.

Branding expert Kim D. Rozdeba unravels these fascinating stories with a clear perspective on creating a brand in twenty different ways. Through their products and services, you will learn how these women marketed hope, health, dignity, confidence, beauty, empowerment, and happiness. To help uncover the secrets to these women’s success, Kim assesses how the branding queens approached each of five branding components—Commitment, Construct, Community, Content, and Consistency (the 5C’s).

These women lived life to its fullest by following their passions and purpose. Their stories are just as big as their brands. Branding Queens will inspire you, empower you, and encourage your entrepreneurial spirit.

“I highly recommend this book.”

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Book Club Resources

Branding Queens is a perfect book for a book club. It has twenty mini-stories within 244 pages. Each chapter is about how a woman built an iconic brand that we know and still love today. Reading the book only starts the conversation. To help make the conversation rich and meaningful, we have provided several book club resources to ensure a memorable and regal event—fit for a queen.

Meet the Author

Kim Derrick Rozdeba
Photograph by Nick Iwanyshyn

Kim Derrick Rozdeba is passionate about building strong brands and is an avid blog writer on the topic. One day it occurred to him how little was written about branding from a gender perspective, especially about entrepreneurial women brand leaders. Exploring the idea, he realized this was an untold story of a long list of women he found so inspiring that he decided then and there to make these inspirational women the subject of his first book. When he isn’t investigating what makes some brands iconic, and others wither away in time, he works in the corporate world, supporting a global brand as head of communications and public affairs. He resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with his wife, Brenda, and has three adult children.