Branding Queen Launch

Introducing my first book, Branding Queens: Discover branding secrets from twenty incredible women who built global brand dynasties

First, let me apologize to you for my inconsistent blogging in the last couple of years. I can’t blame it on COVID-19—I have a better reason. I was busy writing a book. It started as a simple blog post that got away from me. The book is about women entrepreneurs who built iconic brands—beloved brands by customers around the world. Brands that have endured time. The youngest brand is 18 years, and the oldest is over 210. Buy it today!

I became obsessed with finding these women who weren’t easy to find. If anyone wrote about them, it was less about what they did and more about who they were. It’s fair to say that businesswomen were a novelty in years past. It wasn’t until 1988 that a woman could open a bank account without a signature of a father, husband, or son. Seriously that’s only 34 years ago. Yet, against all odds, I found twenty incredible women who defied gravity and persevered to build their unique brand destinies.

Their stories are inspirational and educational on how to build a lasting brand. Yet, all of these women’s lives were just as big as their brands. To help put this all into perspective, I developed a strategic framework based on five key branding elements: Commitment, Construct, Community, Content, and Consistency (the 5Cs).

As a result, entrepreneurs and brand builders will learn from these branding queens’ unique approaches, insights, and techniques.
Branding Queens is available in hardcover, paperback, and eBook at all major book retailers in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other markets.

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