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No time to read? Branding Queens is now an Audiobook

Branding Queens is now an audiobook for those without time to read.

Branding Queens audiobook is now available at around the world. Audiobooks are the fastest growing book segment, valued at over $4 billion in 2021. It makes sense. Audiobooks allow active and busy people to listen to books anywhere at any time—with or without lights. As more people multitask, travel, and exercise, audiobooks are a great way to fill the gap by expanding their minds.

The Branding Queens audiobook is unique. While I read the Preface, the rest of the book is narrated by Madison, an Artificial Intelligence voice from Google Play. Madison does a great job narrating Branding Queens with precise articulation and a steady cadence. This technology provides Branding Queens an incredible price and access to visually impaired people.

Branding Queens Audiobook Cover

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law, an avid reader, has deteriorating eyesight, which prevents her from reading books, so she has become my purpose for transforming Branding Queens into an audiobook.

If you can only consume a book during multitasking, driving, running, or walking, the Branding Queens audiobook is the perfect answer.

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Enjoy the journey!

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