Indie Book Publishing: Useful References and Resources for Aspiring Nonfiction Authors

In the ever-evolving landscape of book publishing, indie authors have found their voice and are making significant contributions to the literary world. With the rise of self-publishing platforms and digital distribution channels, aspiring authors now have more opportunities than ever to bring their stories to life. However, navigating the world of indie nonfiction book publishing can be daunting, especially for those new to the industry. A year ago, I started my journey as an indie author and filled a notebook of tips, resources, and links to help navigate the book publishing world.

Book Publishing Guide

I’ve compiled a three-page guide to provide a comprehensive list of valuable references and resources for nonfiction indie authors looking to publish their books in the United States and Canada. This guide covers all aspects of the publishing process, from book registration and helpful links to freelance resources to a curated list of ebook, print, and audiobook publishing/distributing companies. In many cases, I have used these services and continue to use them.

Indie Book Marketing

One key challenge indie authors face is marketing their books effectively. To address this, I have included a section on book marketing, highlighting tactics and platforms that can help authors reach their target audience. Additionally, I have included book awards and reviews to help boost an author’s credibility and visibility in the market. I have also added links to podcast platforms that help find the perfect podcast shows for you to appear on.

Lastly, I have provided a list of podcast shows I regularly listen to that provide valuable insights and advice from industry experts, offering indie authors a wealth of current knowledge as the industry continues to evolve.

Whether you are an aspiring author looking to self-publish your first indie book or an experienced author seeking new resources, I hope this guide will help you with your indie book publishing journey. If you want to add any help resources to my list, please send a note and link to: info AT

Happy writing and publishing.