Hi, I’m Derrick Rozdeba. I write articles about branding to inspire thought in others and to in turn, learn from what others have to say. I’m passionate about the topic of branding and enjoy exploring the complex DNA that makes the brands we love (and love to hate).

Brands Are Immortal

I also believe that learning from each other will makes a stronger world— not that brands will save us or lead us to the path of righteousness. Without brands, we lose stability and a sense of history. Brands have become guideposts as we navigate through life. They have created lasting memories.  Become the beacon of the greatest movements. They have supported our spirituality and our identity. They are there when we need them with consistency and constant relevancy. One thing is for sure, time changes everything but lasting and enduring brands, smart enough to embrace change, will continue to outlast us all.

I hope you enjoy the read!

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  1. Your love of brands and branding is both inspirational and a shared passion! Who did that great expressionist-painting of you, a likeness and expression of your own brand!

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